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GSM Connected Notice Board

GSM Connected Notice Board
GSM Connected Notice Board
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one year warranty 15 days money back guarantee ! fully assembled and tested c source code for hc-sr04 40 pin avr development board schematic free home delivery

Looking for a project to submit in final year of Engineering? Then this may be perfect for you! Built using ATmega32 microcontroller that is accepted in most university of India. Much more advance than a 8051 MCU. Project is complete with full project report ready to be submitted!

Project Abstract

A notice board is used to show messages to a large audience passing by it. For example they are used in educational institutes, offices and factories. An electronic notice board which is connected to GSM Network has many extraordinary advantages. You can update the message on it by just sending a SMS from your mobile phone! It does not matter how far you are from it. This can be very handy, for example if the principal has some important news for the students she can publish it in the notice board of hostels while she is enjoying her morning coffee in her home!

sms notice board

The "notice" text is shown on 16x2 LCD in a scrolling manner

PIC18F4520 based implementation of this project is also available! Please contact us for details. Price is same. C Source Code is available that can be easily compiled by XC8 compiler and MPLABX IDE. Both of these are available free of cost from Microchip(the company behind the PIC microcontrollers).


The project has two main parts. The main board, which has the microcontroller, LCD,and buzzer. This main board is connected to the GSM Modem.


There are two connections between the main board and the modem.

  1. Power connection.
  2. Data connection.

Power connection is made using the GSM Power Cable as shown.

power cable for GSM Modem

Data connection has three wires.

  • RX or data receive line (red coloured wire)
  • TX or data transmit (brown coloured wire)
  • Ground (black coloured wire)

Data port of modem also has same signal lines.

  • RX of modem is connected to TX of main board.
  • TX of modem is connected to RX of main board.
  • Ground of modem is connected to ground of main board.

connection for gsm module and board

Parts of the Main Board

parts of the board

  • Power input: 12V 3A input from a wall adapter.
  • On/Off switch
  • Power indicator LED.
  • Alert LED: Blinks when SMS is received
  • ISP Connecter: For downloading new programs to the built in microcontroller. (Requires an ISP programmer, NOT included with the KIT!)
  • Buzzer: Beeps when when SMS is received
  • Temperature sensor: LM35 (Not used in this project but provided)
  • Keypad: (Not used in this project but provided)
  • Serial communication line: This is when the GSM Module is connected
  • LCD connecter. 16 pin female type connecter to place the display module
  • 12V out: For powering the modem.
  • Contrast Adjust Preset: Adjust this with the help of a screw driver to get a clear display on LCD.


Schematic (Circuit Diagrams)

schematic for gsm connected notice board

Fig. Schematic

Source Code

The program is written in C language and is compiled using the avr-gcc compiler (integrated in Atmel Studio 6). The program is modular in structure and comes as a set of several source files.

NOTE: The user should have knowledge of C programming language in order to understand the program!

Download source code of GSM Connected Notice Board (Please download this only if you are interested in purchasing the project!)

Download HEX code ready to burn!

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  • Author: NATESAN R
    Wonderful Product. I like it very much. Useful in Schools and Colleges.
    Can the message be displayed simultaneously on many Monitor Screens?

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