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GLCD Development Board

GLCD Development Board
AVR 128x64 Graphical LCD Project AVR 128x64 Graphical LCD Project AVR 128x64 Graphical LCD Project AVR 128x64 Graphical LCD Project glcd humidity sensor
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Our GLCD Development Board is designed to jump start graphical LCD programming for people who do not have any previous experience in the field. The hardware is tightly integrated with all our tutorials and the ProGFX driver. The user should have a basic knowledge of C programming (with little experience of avr-gcc) , that it! Everything related to Graphical LCD is explained in the user manual.

NOTE: You need a ISP Programmer like USB AVR Programmer to upload code to this board. This is NOT included with the board.

graphic lcd board atmega32


  • Main GLCD with Green Backlight and resolution of 128x64
  • Regulated 5v supply with on/off switch and LED indicator.
  • Reset Circuit with reset button.
  • TSOP1738 IR Received for decoding NEC signals.
  • Standard ISP header for program update (compatible with our USB AVR Programmer)
  • ATmega32 MCU with 16MHz crystal.
  • 5 way navigation keypad.
  • 2 softkeys.
  • LCD Contrast adjust Pot.
  • 2 expansion headers with UART, ADC,GPIO and power supply lines.

Block Diagram

block diagram for graphic lcd interface avr atmega32

Documents/Help Files

About ProGFX.org

Character LCD Interfacing is quite easy so every one uses it, but when I comes to Graphic LCD you need a well written and powerful graphic library. Its not enough that you read the LCD datasheet and connect it your MCU and start sending data. Because the LCD just appears to be block of memory whose contents are directly visible on screen. The datasheet can only guide you how to access this memory. You just can't do much by writing to the memory. The graphic library is a piece of software that has complex algorithms to render graphic primitives like line, rectangles, circles, images and more. It also helps load fonts which is used to render text and numbers on screen. So it provide high level access to the LCD screen and applications can be written much more easily.

ProGFX is one such Powerful but easy to use C library to program Common Graphical LCDs.

Features includes :-

  • Line Drawing
  • Rectangle Drawing
  • Filled Rectangle Drawing
  • Circle Drawing
  • Image/Icon Drawing
  • Text Drawing
  • Number (Integer Drawing)
  • Variable Width Font Support.
  • Supports KS0108B Based 128x64 Graphic LCD Modules.
  • Runs On AVRs with more than 2K of RAM
  • Double Buffering for flicker free animations.
  • Free for any use provided you give credit to www.ProGFX.org

The APIs are highly documented and easy to use even by a beginner.

Gallery of Applications

Humidity Sensor


Accelerometer Demo



Analog Clock Demo


Image Viewer App

Getting Started Tutorials

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DC Plug
One Watt Solar Cell
Crystal Oscillator 16MHz
DC Plug One Watt Solar Cell Crystal Oscillator 16MHz
Graphic LCD - 128x64 White B/L
Graphic LCD - 128x64 White B/L ATmega168PA-PU ATmega32A
Crystal Oscillator 24MHz
Burg Strip Female 10mm Straight
Plastic Wheel - 10.5cm x 2.1cm
Crystal Oscillator 24MHz Burg Strip Female 10mm Straight Plastic Wheel - 10.5cm x 2.1cm

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Customer Reviews

  • Author: Uttam Dutta
    There are two parts in this module,
    Graphical LCD and board in which it is connected, There is one schematic available with part 1 of GLCD tutorial for interfacing with GLCD module, is it same, there are some buttons with the GLCD development board which are not in Part 1 tutorial schematic. if I take only GLCD part and not the board because I have your Low cost atmega32 development board, what will be the disadvantages .
  • Author: Chris Diilio
    I'm trying to create an account on your main website PROGFX.ORG. But it is impossible to complete the last item where is ask you to enter the text: Captcha, No text box appear for this last field to enter this text please help. My email cdiilio@aq2000.com
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