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About our site

eXtreme Electronics was created with the aim to help all those people out their who are engaged in electronics R&D. It was started in March of 2008 when I (Avinash Gupta) was in 2nd Year of B.Tech Computer Science Course in I.T.E.R. Within the span of three years we have made clients all over India, including all leading Engineering colleges like IITs, NITs and major deemed universities, Major Training providers and R&D Companies like Tata Research Development & Design Centre etc.

Now our products are manufactured by state of the art PCB fabrication and Assembly units located in New Delhi and Bangalore. We source raw material from several national importers and also international dealers.

Our main aim is to provide working code, design and documentation. To streamline line all the process, we have reference hardware platform that makes working with our code and tutorial much more easier. We also spend lots of our time finding the best products manufactured by third parties. We try and evaluate latest product and make code and documentation using our reference hardware/software platform so that the user can get best of the world and also start working with them in no time.

We pick up latest problems faced by developers in India and publish all necessary software and documentation. This makes adoption of that technology much easier.

Some example includes.

eXtreme Burner - AVR : Back in 2005 when Mr. T Fischl released his USBasp hardware it was driven only by a command line interface called avr-dude. Thus many new comer found it difficult to use. Then we released our fully GUI Software software for USBasp that quickly became the standard in the industry. Used by several international companies and millions of individuals. Ranked best by several reviewers. More info here.

ProGFX.org : Complete Graphical LCD Library.

AVR Tutorial Series: Now the most popular and complete series available on web for free! More than 2,00,000 pages read per month from all over the globe. Has everything from Getting Started, LED Blinking to topics such as :-

To carry out the above we have custom made and compatible set of hardware like USB Programmers and Development Boards.

PIC Tutorial Series: Similar to the above but for Microchip PIC series!

Seeed Studio Products: Seeed studio is a nice Shenzhen  based developer of some really nice products which includes RFID Readers, Ultrasonic Range Finders and Arduino compatible boards. We were using the products from long and they are very good and pricing is affordable. We have codes, software and tutorials for the same. On 2nd May 2011 we got approved as the official distributor of Seeed Products here in India. So now you can pay in Indian Rupee, Get faster local delivery, no custom hazels! And what more you get them cheaper than the Seeed's website!